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Hi and thanks for stepping in,

This blog is the reflection of my passion: to help people and organizations maximize their talent. I use this blog to share management insights that can be useful for our work and, most importantly, for our lives.

In my work training and mentoring professional athletes and business managers, I give them practical tools so they can become gamechangers and shape their own future, a future led by themselves. And I can only conceive my work through social innovation and values-based leadership, two powerful motors to instill positive change in society.

I am fortunate to have been a member of Real Madrid Graduate School since its inception in 2006, where I hold a Management and Entrepreneurship professorship and have trained many of the sports managers and businesspeople that are leading hundreds of international organizations worldwide.

I enjoy working in international contexts and have had the opportunity to live in four countries and to conduct workshops and speaking engagements for business schools, corporations, governments and conference organizers from 50 different countries and four continents. 

As a public speaker I love encouraging young leaders, entrepreneurs and companies to use innovation and creativity in order to reach their full potential, and, most importantly, to be authentic. My passion to break social barriers led me to co-found the nonprofit organization inspirasports.org in 2009, thanks to which I received the Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards by the International Youth Foundation in 2011.

I’ve published three books: Mejores Líderes, a leadership book  that will be soon available in English, and two books on emotional intelligence in the workplace (Emociones Laborales and Instintos Laborales).

I have a PhD in Sports Sciences and Social Sciences and hold an Executive MBA from IEDE Business School, and I was fortunate to do my college degree in four universities in four different countries, the last one being UC Berkeley.

I made another dream come true and managed to live between two of my favorite cities: Madrid and Washington DC. Trying to follow birds’ great migration practice: take the best of the east and the best of the west. And the bird became a little American boy named Hugo… :).  I currently live in Madrid with my wife Maria and two kids (Hugo and Milo).

“Give me a ball and I’ll move the world” is my motto, and I use this “ball” to help organizations and people exploit their talent, make this world a better place and thrive as a consequence.


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Pedro Díaz Ridao


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A corner for inspiration, management insights and recommended readings. 



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