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Potential Keynote Topics

  • Lead to transform. Key concepts: Leading with purpose; how to align our passions; the power of questions; the real role of the mentor… (based on my book  Instintos laborales)
  • “The art of giving”. Key concepts: Humility as the X factor of a leader, Resilience, the Positive Snowball Effect…
  • “3.0 Leaders”. Key concepts: the Talent Formula, the Luck and Intuition Paradox, Wu Wei…
  • “21st century Managers”. Key concepts: what are the traits demanded in the industry?;  How to land the job you love; The key to a high performance team, what to negotiate (and what not)…


I write and speak about the following topics:

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Education, Public Speaking, Team management, Engagement, Time management

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